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Pinball repair services (onsite and workshop based)

Mobile Pinball Machine Repair Service from Pinball Heaven
As all proud pinball owners will know, regular maintenance is important if you want to keep your classic pinball machines at their best; however, even with consistent cleaning and careful upkeep, there are a few occasions that even the most practised of players may be unprepared for. From broken flipper coils to flickering LEDs, we really have seen it all here at Pinball Heaven over our 26 years of repairing pinball machines—and it’s that experience which has caused us to create what we believe is the best pinball repair service in the UK. 
If your pinball machine isn’t working as it should, you’re in safe hands with Pinball Heaven. Here are some of the most common faults we can help you with…
Faulty coils
A faulty coil (or solenoid) is one of the most common reasons people phone us to ask for technical help and can even be the cause of a pinball machine breaking down.  It can be as simple as a wire off but it can cause a major problem.
Opto issues
Broken wires and faulty resistors aside, dry joints (broken solder) and even dirt can cause the Opto circuit on certain machines to flicker on and off, confusing the machine and making it do strange things.
Blown fuse or loose power lead
It’s easy to panic if you find that all of a sudden your pinball machine won’t even switch on. Often this is down to one of two things: a fuse has blown either in the plug or the internal mains, or the Euro power lead has become loose at the back of the machine.
Faulty PCB board
Usually, we can repair boards for modern games (from 1990 onwards) within 24 hours. We repair almost all Bally, Williams, Data East and Stern circuit boards on the same day—and if we can’t, we are more than happy to send a replacement board for your pinball machine. You can find out more about our pinball board repair service here.
If you find yourself facing one of these problems or any other issue with your pinball machine, you can rest assured that we will be able to assist you. Here’s how…
It all starts with a phone call
Or an email. Or an iMessage! We offer a free technical support service that you can access simply by getting in touch. As the most knowledgable pinball company in the UK, we’re pretty good at finding faults with pinball machines and can usually diagnose the problem remotely in a matter of minutes. 
We’ll give you the tools
Once we’ve worked out what the problem is, how you choose to solve it is completely up to you. If the solution is relatively simple, we can talk you through how to repair your pinball machine yourself over the phone. If it turns out you require replacement parts for your pinball machine, we can order and send these out to you. We have the largest stock of pinball parts in the UK. We are official distributors for many pinball parts manufacturers in the USA.
…or bring them ourselves
If you’d rather have total peace of mind, we can take the worry off your hands completely by arranging for a service engineer to come directly to your home or business as part of our onsite pinball repair service. We are based in Preston, Lancashire but regularly carry out pinball machine repairs in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, York and across the whole of the North of England. We’ve even repaired pinball machines as far South as Worcester, Bristol and Rugby—just contact us for availability. 
We really fix the games that no-one else can.  So don’t waste your time elsewhere, we can fix it.
Repairing, restoring and servicing pinball machines is what we do best. If you’d like to take advantage of our free technical support, you can contact us here. Please make sure to state the name of the machine, the apparent problem and any previously known problems. You may also wish to send an accompanying video clip to us and that really does help!
You can find prices for our onsite pinball repair service here. If you bought your machine from Pinball Heaven, you are covered by our 2 year warranty and then lifetime technical warranty and we will always help you to fix any problems with your machine. To keep up-to-date with all of the latest pinball news, follow us on Twitter.