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Pinball Heaven at the Ideal Home Show at Christmas

Pinball Heaven comes to the Ideal Home Show in London and Manchester this Christmas all in aid of the Katie Piper Foundation.

After an initial and very successful run at the Ideal Home Show back in March, we are pleased to announce that Pinball Heaven will also be donating pinball machines for the Ideal Home Show at Christmas this November in both Manchester, Event City and London Olympia.

The Ideal Home Show is the UK’s premier interior design event, showcasing everything from home improvements to smart technology—and the Christmas edition is just as jam-packed, bringing everything you need to prepare your home for the festive season, will that special someone get a Pinball Machine for Christmas this year? The exhibition will not only be setting up in its traditional location at London’s Olympia from 23 – 27 November, but also taking over EventCity in Manchester from 10 – 13 November.

We will be bringing along and will have for sale both our Ghostbusters pinball machine and The Hobbit pinball machine to London and Manchester, giving you the chance to trial two of our bestselling games—a fantastic opportunity if you’ve been thinking if you should buy a pinball machine for Christmas. Read a little more information about them below.

Ghostbusters Pinball Machine by Stern Pinball

Travel back to the ‘80s with this vibrant, retro machine based on the classic film. Featuring the hit theme song by Ray Parker Jr., beautiful hand drawn artwork by renowned illustrator Jeremy Packer a.k.a. Zombie Yeti and custom narration from none other than Ernie Hudson — the original Winston Zeddemore — the game is specifically designed to be easy to play but difficult to master. Available for sale here.

The Hobbit Pinball Machine by Jersey Jack Pinball

A real standout from other pinball machines, The Hobbit features a lively, animated LCD screen playing CGI scenes, animations and movie clips from Peter Jackson’s latest trilogy. While this is certainly the most striking element, there are a whole host of other cool toys, targets, ramps and surprises unique to the game that really do need to be seen to be believed. Available for sale here.

All proceeds from play will go directly to the Ideal Home Show’s charity partner, the Katie Piper Foundation, who work tirelessly to support people with burns and scars. After raising over £200 for the foundation at our first show earlier this year, we’re hoping to bump that total up even more in the run up to Christmas. You can find more information about the Katie Piper Foundation here.

A key focus of Pinball Heaven is to promote pinball culture to a wider audience and we couldn’t think of a better way to do it than to showcase our pinball machines at one of the UK’s busiest exhibition venues. Thinking about coming along to London or Manchester? You can find more information about the Ideal Home Show at Christmas here.

If you want to get your Christmas shopping done early, you can also see our full range of pinball machines for sale here. To keep up-to-date with the latest pinball news, be sure to follow Pinball Heaven on Twitter.


Ultimate Home Pinball Arcade & Games Room!

Have you ever dreamt of having your own home games room? Well, this is what it could look like! Check out this amazing private pinball collection belonging to one of our customers, complete with a total of 18 pinball machines.


On one side of the room you’ll spot the ‘90s classics: Attack From Mars, Champion Pub, Cirqus Voltaire, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Bride of Pinbot, Fish Tales and White Water. On the other side, the latest Limited Edition family favourites: Star Trek Limited Edition by Stern, The Hobbit Smaug Edition, Ghostbusters Limited Edition, Walking Dead Limited Edition, Transformers Limited Edition and the Medieval Madness Remake—almost all of which are now available for sale on our pinball machines for sale page.

Our customer built his games room in 2013, opting for oak flooring, feature brick walls and even including a cinema! Initially the space was used to house a pool table, poker machine and a few arcade games, but after buying a couple of pinball machines from Pinball Heaven, he was surprised at just how much his family enjoyed them. Out went the pool table and in came more machines! But as our customer assures us, the collection hasn’t stopped growing yet, and we can’t wait to see what it looks like in another three years.


Feeling inspired yet? If you’re thinking of building your own home games room, here are three important things to consider.

1. Variety

To get the most enjoyment out of your home games room, you’ll probably want to share it with your friends and family; offering a variety of different games for different people will keep everyone coming back for more. Appeal to the old-timers with vintage classics like Funhouse and Monster Bash, while keeping the millennial TV lovers on their toes with Stern’s Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead or retro fans will love Ghostbusters and Wizard of Oz!

2. Player appeal

If you feel like branching out to build your collection, you may find that a lot of old arcade games lose their appeal rather quickly, especially if you’re playing on your own. One of the best things about pinball machines is that they are inherently random—a surefire way to keep things exciting and keep boredom at bay and can be enjoyed on your own or as part of a group of friends battling for the high score of the night!  Pinball machines are never the same game twice unlike video games, pinball is easy to understand yet difficult to master.

3. Individuality

The best home games rooms will really show attention to detail, providing an almost other-worldly space that you just won’t want to leave. This can be achieved in many different ways, including blacklight carpet, collectibles/memorabilia and lighting effects. You can use neon signs, track lighting or even pimp out your pinball machines’ playfields with lamps and LEDS

As your games room grows bigger, reliability also becomes increasingly important, which is why we offer assistance with the maintenance and upkeep of your collection. Our free technical support and onsite pinball repair service will help you to diagnose and solve any problems, saving you from technical headaches down the road.

If you think you’re ready to take on the fun and exciting challenge of building the ultimate home games room, look no further than Pinball Heaven. With the largest stock of brand new games of any UK dealer and a 2 year onsite warranty with every purchase, we are undoubtedly one of the best sources in the UK for pinball collectors. Whether it’s your first pinball machine or your fifth, we’ll ensure you find the right machine for you.

Get started right now by checking out our current pinball machines for sale, or if you’ve already got an awesome home pinball collection, make sure to send in photos for a chance to be featured on the blog. To keep up-to-date with the latest pinball news, be sure to follow Pinball Heaven on Twitter.

Stern Premium pinball machines for sale in September

Stern Premium pinball machines for sale in the UK landing September.

September is set to be an exciting month for Pinball Heaven with four new premium machines available from Stern. Which machine should you buy? Let’s take a closer look at some of the individual features to help you decide. Whether you’re a ghost buster or a Trekkie, you certainly won’t be disappointed with the selection.

Ghostbusters Premium Pinball Machine

Travel back to the ‘80s with this vibrant, retro machine based on the classic film. Featuring the hit theme song by Ray Parker Jr., beautiful hand drawn artwork by renowned illustrator Jeremy Packer a.k.a. Zombie Yeti and custom narration from none other than Ernie Hudson — the original Winston Zeddemore — the game is specifically designed to be easy to play but difficult to master.

Along with a motorised and fully interactive target in the form of the notorious Slimer, players will also find a colour-changing Marshmallow Man toy, an interactive ghost hologram target with animations, “paranormal” magnetic action slingshots, distinctive ramp architecture and additional custom moulded toys.

The exclusive layout features a magnetic diverter and scoring switches, uniting traditional pinball devices with unique multifunction two-way ramps. Also included is a modern take on a ball transfer target, two pop-up Scoleri Brothers rollover drop targets, a ball eject target and a captive ball target. See the full product features list here.

Following the recent reboot of the iconic series, Stern couldn’t have picked a better time to launch their Ghostbusters pinball machine. It may be all about Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy in 2016, but who could forget the original 1984 lineup of Bill Murray as Peter Venkman, Dan Ackroyd as Raymond Statz, Harold Ramis as Egon Spengler and Ernie Hudson as Winston Zeddemore?

With the Limited Edition model selling out in just 12 hours worldwide, you won’t want to waste any time now that the Ghostbusters Premium Pinball Machine is available for sale in the UK. If you think this might be the pinball machine for you, you’re in the right place—Pinball Heaven is the only UK supplier to have stock! See our listing here.

Uk based Pinball Heaven specialise in pinball machine parts, providing pinball machines to buy and rent with thousands of parts available in stock

Ghostbusters Premium Pinball Machine

Metallica Premium Pinball Machine

Stern’s collection of iconic rock and roll machines is growing, and the latest addition honours one of the world’s most influential rock bands. A must-have for heavy metal fans, the premium edition of the machine features art by Metallica’s choice artist, Dirty Donny, and a soundtrack of 12 Metallica songs—all performed by the band themselves.

Players will be able to bang both their heads and their flippers to classic Metallica hits including “Master of Puppets,” “Fuel,” “One” and “Fade to Black”, setting the tone for an exciting in-game experience. The band’s famously fast tempos and aggressive musicianship provide the perfect accompaniment to an action-packed game with unparalleled magnetic activity.

The Metallica Premium playfield is loaded with unique features including a 3 drop target inline bank, a captive ball assembly, stainless steel and wire ramps, plus a special custom moulded electric chair, snake & grave marker. See the full product features list here.

Formed in Los Angeles back in 1981, Metallica have been making iconic metal music for over three decades. What better way to celebrate their greatest hits than with this awesome machine? If you’re ready to rock your way to a new high score, Pinball Heaven is the only supplier with stock of the Metallica Premium Pinball Machine for sale in the UK. Available to order here.

Uk based Pinball Heaven specialise in pinball machine parts, providing pinball machines to buy and rent with thousands of parts available in stock

Metallica Premium Pinball Machine

The Walking Dead Premium Pinball Machine

Calling all zombie fans! Complete with a new high-definition art package, gory dot matrix animations and an authentic soundtrack, The Walking Dead Premium Pinball Machine is full of gruesome features. Players will find themselves fighting to survive the zombie apocalypse alongside series icon, Sheriff Rick Grimes.

Set to The Walking Dead’s original score, the game includes multiple zombie toys and features familiar locations used on the show, such as the Prison and Cell Block C. Players will be given the chance to defeat Prison Walkers, collect supplies, complete various game missions and play action-packed modes that are sure to heighten the excitement.

The machine presents everything fans of the show would want in a flesh-eating pinball experience, including a special-effect fish tank with illuminated sculpted zombie heads, a player-controlled motorised crossbow pinball launcher and a whole host of additional targets for adrenaline-filled battles. Watch out for the Well Walker! See the full features list here.

Holding the title of the most watched series among adults aged 18-49, AMC’s The Walking Dead is based on a comic book series written by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard. The drama stars Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee, Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon and Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier, and tells the story of the months and years following a zombie apocalypse.

Whether you’re a fan of The Walking Dead or simply a fan of gore and zombies, then this is the machine for you. The Walking Dead Premium Pinball Machine is now available in the UK and for sale here on Pinball Heaven, one of the only UK stockists. See our listing here.



Star Trek Premium Pinball Machine

Take a seat in Captain Kirk’s chair with Stern’s first all-LED pinball machine. Inspired by the Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness films, the Star Trek Premium Pinball Machine features all the bells and whistles a Trekkie could ask for, mapping out the classic battle between the heroic Enterprise team and the villainous Khan, as well as run-ins with Nero, Klingons and the Narada.

The game includes an animated battleship, three lightning fast ramps, three flippers, resettable memory drop targets and captivating effects such as phaser flashes and photon torpedoes. Thanks to the high-definition artwork, cosmic LED lighting, classic musical scores and custom voice callouts from Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy (Karl Urban), players will feel like they are flying through space at warp speed to rescue Spock and defeat the U.S.S. Vengeance.

The play field features seven multicoloured LED paths that lead gamers on fast and fluid colour-coded routes, complete with six missions for casual players and 18 complex treks to immerse enthusiast players deeper in the game. From the very start, players will have the chance to unlock special opportunities, collect bonus features and win a series of accolades called ‘The Captain’s Chair’. See the full features list here.

If you think you’re ready to embark on a journey to protect and defend the planets of the Federation, this is definitely the game for you. The Star Trek Premium Pinball Machine is almost out of production and unlikely to be run again, meaning Pinball Heaven has some of the very last few for sale in the UK. See our full listing here.



Found your perfect pinball match? Find our full range here.

Pinball Heaven has the largest stock of brand new games of any UK dealer. With our unique 2-year warranty, you can rest assured that your experience will be worry-free—even after the warranty has expired, you will still have access to our lifetime technical support package on your pinball machine.

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