Monthly Archives: June 2016

Restored pinball machines in progress

We love restoring and repairing pinball machines, nothing is better than taking an unloved and neglected pinball machine and making it look and play like new again, it is our passion for supplying quality refurbished pinball machines that has given us a reputation for being the best place to buy a pinball machine in the UK from.  Something we are very proud of!

So lets take a look at what we are working on at the moment.

Bally Star Trek pinball machine, this classic machine based on the original series was first made by Bally in 1979 but has spent its life in Bar’s, Amusements Arcades and such like, now at nearly 40 years old it needs a refurb!  We will replace the playfield and plastic set for a new one from Classic Arcades in Canada (for whom we are a distributor) and the cabinet will be restored using stencils just as it was originally.


Diamond Jack by Gottlieb.  This 1967 true classic is the add-a-ball version of King of Diamonds (but gives added balls rather than free games).  Just 600 of these were made and how many do you think still exist?  A handful.  So when this came up for sale, it had to be done.  Look at the sorry state its in as we bought it, since then we have found a brand new playfield for this game, that must be even rarer than the game itself!

Really looking forward to this one!


Monster Bash pinball machine by Williams for sale (soon!).  This is one of the modern classics, such a funny game with so many features.  Unfortunately they suffer for their popularity as they are worn out when we see them, so thankfully, we are going to put a new playfield, plastic set, cabinet artwork set etc into this game and make it a beautiful fully restored pinball machine suitable for the finest of homes!  This is what it looked like when it arrived.