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Medieval Madness pinball machine lands in UK!

We finally got our hands on the first production Medieval Madness remake pinball machine today, its been 2 years in the making so we were naturally excited to see this game after all this time!  Was it worth the wait?  Sure was!

We were hoping to have the full container of MMr’s (Medieval Madness Remakes) by now but unfortunately the full container of our Limited Edition Pinball Machines is not ready to ship so for now we had to fly a Medieval Madness Pinball Machine over from the USA, hot off the production run!



So enough of looking at the box, lets get it open!


Its looking like a day I remember back in 1997 when the first Medieval Madness Pinball Machines from Williams came over.


So time to get it into position and set this beauty up!

medieval_madness_pinball_6 medieval_madness_pinball_machine

A quick check nothing has come loose during its long journey from Chicago, the home of Pinball for decades.  Yep, good to go, side down the glass, put the balls in and boom!  Its time to smack those trolls!

This is such a great pinball machine and what a credit to Planetary Pinball & Chicago Gaming.  The quality is fantastic and it plays exactly like the original Medieval Madness despite many technology changes, the only noticeable difference to the player is the colour display replacing the traditional orange dot matrix display.  Chicago Gaming have a massive software update for the display which will fully colourise it with resolution change also, due to the flexibility of a standard LCD display vs a traditional 32 x 128 array of orange dots!

This pinball machine will be on our stand at Play Expo, Manchester, 10-11 October 2015 along with many other pinball machines for sale from the UK’s number 1 pinball specialist – Pinball Heaven.  We are the sole distributor for Medieval Madness and other subsequent “remake” games from Planetary Pinball.  I can’t wait to see more classic Williams Pinball Machines rolling off the production like – such classics as Attack From Mars, Monster Bash, is a new Addams Family too much to hope for I wonder?

Have a look at the product page for all the pictures.

Medieval Madness Pinball Machine for sale